Does Provincial Health Card cover your service?

Costs for ours services are not covered under your Alberta Health Card. However, cost may qualify for coverage under your Health Spending Accounts or Extended Health Insurance Policy. Please be aware that I am a registered social worker (RSW) with Alberta College of Social Workers and so some insurance companies such as Great West Life, Blue Cross, ManuLife cover for services provided by a RSW in Alberta, Canada.

In addition, as a clinical Masters of Social Work (MSW) holder, school employees have provision for coverage of therapy or counselling services provided by a Master of Social Work

Please Note: I do not direct bill to insurance companies; however, I will provide you with a receipt to obtain reimbursement from your insurers for services covered.

Do you charge GST?

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) is pleased to announce the passing of Bill C-40, a long-awaited Bill that confirms the exemption of GST/HST for health-related services provided by licensed and registered social workers (ACSW, 2007). As a licensed and registered social worker in Alberta providing health related service for treatment of mental health and other disorders I will not charge GST; however, GST will be charged on services rendered to organizations.

Questions to Ask About Coverage

Please check with your company benefits, your supplemental health benefits, your motor vehicle insurance company to find out what coverage is available. Here are some questions you ask:

1.Do my benefits cover counselling/psychotherapy/mediation?

2. Do my benefits cover Registered Clinical Social Workers with a Masters Level of Education?

3. Is there a maximum per session fee that will be reimbursed?

4. What is the yearly maximum coverage available?

Length of Sessions

The first session is 90 minutes for therapy sessions in order to provide sufficient time to conduct an assessment and case formulation

Subsequent counselling/therapy sessions are generally an hour, but may go longer than an hour by the mutual agreement of both the therapist and the client(s). Fees are charged in 15-minute increments. Please note that that the counselling hour is usually 60 minutes.